agnostics on gods and deities

Agnostics on Gods and Deities

"An Agnostic Approach to The Question of God"

Why agnostics neither affirm or deny the existence of a supernatural deity.

One of the most basic tenets of agnosticism relates to the question of whether anyone knows with absolute certainty whether or not God actually exists. Agnostics are unabashed in saying that it's simply impossible to make such distinction given the current limitations of human knowledge and understanding. Any person or organization making definitive assertions about this matter is either uninformed, delusional, or given to behaving in a self-serving manner. The following selections endeavor to help those who are searching for more resolute answers about gods and deities.

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A Year Without God - (Article) (Ryan J. Bell) "Whether you are on the margins of your religious community or you don’t identify as religious anymore, the wonderful and liberating news is that there is life after God. (
Brilliant Scientists and Their Views of God - (Article) (Hugh Williamson) "Their work conflicted with the viewpoints of religious conservatives, but it's less clear whether their discoveries really supported atheism or actually provided evidence for the existence of a supreme intelligence." (
Foreknowledge and Free Will - (Article) (Norman Swartz) "Historically, the tension between foreknowledge and the exercise of free will was addressed in a religious context." (
The God Delusion - (Article) (Richard Dawkins) "Great scientists of our time who sound religious usually turn out not to be so when you examine their beliefs more deeply." (
Is God Relavent Today - (Article) (Anthony Strano) "Religion as a human panacea to comfort, explain and redeem has, in practice, dissipated lately." (
How Did God Get Started - (Article) (Colin Wells) That the world’s monotheisms descended from a single ancestor probably also helps perpetuate the common perception that it all started with Abraham. (
The Polytheistic Origins of God - (Video) "A History of God -The Polytheistic Origins of Christianity and Judaism" (
Here's Why Stephen Hawking Says There Is No God  - (Essay) (Catherine Giordano) "Stephen Hawking believed that there is a grand design to the universe, but that it has nothing to do with God." (
How God Became God - (Book) (Richard Smoley) "From a historical perspective, the Bible is shockingly, provably wrong--a point supported by today's best archaeological and historical scholarship but not well understood by (or communicated to) the public." (
Is There A God - (Article) -(Bertrand Russell) "The question whether there is a God is one which is decided on very different grounds by different communities and different individuals." (
There Is No God - (Article) (Sam Harris) "There is another possibility, of course, and it is both the most reasonable and least odious: the biblical God is a fiction." (
When God Lived Just a Few Feet Up - (article) (David Madison) "Christian theologians have made a mighty effort to overcome their roots, namely, the thought world of the Old and New Testaments." (