agnosticism vs christianity

Agnosticism vs Christianity 

"The Agnostic View of Christianity"

Why agnostics question the tenets of Christianity.

The rise and proliferation of Christianity is without question one of the most significant phenomena of all time. So where did this all begin and why has it become so enduring. How can a set of mystic beliefs conjured up thousands of years ago survive our new age of scientific enlightenment. Christian apologists, of course, think they have all the answers, but do they hold water. Agnostics, as the ultimate truth seekers, take issue with many of these unfounded assertions. The following selections offer objective and learned opinions which may help to expose the real truth behind Christian beliefs.

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A Colosal Fraud - (Article)  "Faith healers and prosperity preachers promise miracles in return for money, conning their viewers out of more than a billion dollars annually." (
Christianity Declines Sharply in US, Agnosticism Growing  -  (Article) (Melanie Batley) "Christianity is in sharp decline in America, according to new research from the Pew Research Center, making for a significantly less Christian country than that of just seven years ago." (
Biggest Myths About The First Christians - (Article) (Candida Moss) "Did early Christians have Bibles? Hide in catacombs? Oh, and as far as why Peter was crucified upside down..." (
Case Against Intelligent Design - (Essay) (Jerry A. Coyne) "Emotion should be distinguished from thought, and a comfort level should not affect what is taught in the science classroom." (
The Christian Delusion - (Book) (John Loftus) "In this anthology of recent criticisms aimed at the reasonableness of Christian belief, a former evangelical minister, apologist, and author has assembled fifteen outstanding articles by leading skeptics." (
Flawed Arguments For Intelligent Design - (Essay) (Bob Strauss) "Do Intelligent Design Arguments Make Any Sense" (
Horrible Things Christians Say - (Article) (David Madison) "Christian theology is awesomely sabotaged by the New Testament. Its portrayal of god, so deeply rooted in ancient superstition, cannot possibly hold up under close scrutiny." (
The Myth of Persecution (Book) (Candida Moss) "A leading expert on early Christianity, reveals how the early church exaggerated, invented, and forged stories of Christian martyrs." (