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Agnostic Reader Library

"A Complete Gathering of Agnostic Writings"

Essays, articles, letters, books, videos, and reviews about agnosticism.

The Agnostic Reader Library contains an extensive collection of writings and visuals related to the study of agnosticism. It is organized into a number of categories which represent essential elements of the agnostic philosophy. Individual selections have been specially chosen to conform with general academic standards of evidential objectivity. As such, they are authored by journalists, scholars, and experts whose views represent years of study and research.


Agnosticism - "What It Means to Be Agnostic" - Views of agnosticism from academics and scholars throughout the world.

Agnostics on Gods and Deities  -  "An Agnostic Approach to The Question of God" - Why agnostics neither affirm or deny the existence of a supernatural deity.

Agnosticism vs Religion - "An Agnostic Perspective on Faith and Religion" - Why agnostics are critical of theology.

Agnosticism vs Mysticism - "Where Agnostics Stand on Mysticism"  -  How do mystics differ from agnostics.

Agnosticism vs Humanism - "The Difference Between Agnosticism and Humanism" - Is there a relationship between agnostics and humanists.

Agnosticism vs Atheism - "Agnostic Perspectives on the Tenets  of Atheism - Are agnostics different from atheists in their approach to God and spirituality.

Agnostics on Heaven and Hell - "An Agnostic Perspective About The Afterlife"  -  Are Agnostics Concerned About Heaven and Hell

Agnosticism vs Christianity - "The Agnostic View of Christianity" - Why do agnostics question the tenets of Christianity.

Agnostics and The Bible  -  "Agnostics Question the Bible's Veracity" - Agnostics look at the controversies surrounding ancient scripture.

Agnostics on The Story Jesus - "Agnostics Question the History of Jesus" - The real truth about Jesus from an agnostic perspective.

Agnosticism and Morality - "Agnostic Perspectives on Secular Morality" - Are agnostics different from religious believers regarding morality.