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Agnostic Reader Introduction

"What Agnostic Reader is all About"

Dedicated to the study of agnosticism.

Removing the shackles of unfounded religious beliefs through reasoning and common sense.

The chances are that by visiting Agnostic Reader, you have arrived at a point of introspection regarding matters of God and spirituality. You may also be interested in the "new wave of agnosticism" which is at the forefront of today's "freedom from religion" movement. Atheists, humanists, and most secular groups all support this cause, but it's agnostics who stand apart with their common sense values. Regardless of your pursuit, this website can offer resolute answers about the meaning of life from an agnostic viewpoint.

In browsing Agnostic Reader, you will find various descriptions of what agnosticism is all about. These may differ somewhat because agnostics do not adhere to a rigid set of dogmatic principles. Instead, they employ a more philosophical approach based on knowledge and understanding. At the heart of agnosticism is a belief that humans in their present form are unable to comprehend those things which can not be explained by the empirical laws of natural science. Some may view this as being vague or indecisive, but to an agnostic, it's a matter of confronting the truth.

You will also learn that agnostics are inherently skeptical of fundamentalist assertions which are essentially viewed as speculative conjecture. We are all naturally driven by a primal aspiration to understand reasons for our existence. This has been going on since the dawn of time when humans first became aware of their mortality. However such answers continue to evade mankind even into these days of modern enlightenment. As a result, this void has been filled by the proliferation of countless theological organizations which pass themselves off as unassailable purveyors of wisdom and proven knowledge.

The website itself is built around a library which affords numerous articles related to agnostic viewpoints on God, faith, religion, and life in general. These are presented by academics, scholars, and journalists who are experts in their respective fields. Although not all are agnostic, they have been chosen for their secular backgrounds to avoid cultural and theological biases. Secular hosting sites are also given preference over those dedicated to the promotion of religious ideologies.

Additional resources are available as a supplement to the material presented in the reader's library. These include a glossary which offers broad descriptions of words and terms used throughout the website. A biographical listing is provided to those authors who are associated with most study materials. Finally, the organizations page offers links to various organizations, groups, and other websites which share the same philosophical views of agnosticism.

Agnostic Reader is committed to bringing only the highest quality and most current information to our visitors.The importance of resolute answers for those who are looking toward agnosticism as a lifestyle or religious alternative cannot be overstated. The material provided within these pages will hopefully go a long way in helping to attain such aspirations. You are accordingly encouraged to use the contact links shown on each page to provide as much feedback as possible to further enhance this publication.