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An agnostic perspective from essays, articles, letters, books, videos, and reviews.

The real truth about God, faith, and religion from an agnostic perspective comes down to a matter of common sense. This encompasses not only that in which one believes but the basis of such convictions. It begs the question of whether we are to invest in the principles of modern enlightenment or the words of ancient mystics. At some point, almost every believer will encounter a crisis of faith. Whether induced by a traumatic event, natural curiosity, or peer pressure, the need for resolute answers will surely arise. Agnostic Reader is designed for those who wish to learn more about the philosophical tenets of agnosticism. It presents a wealth of unbiased facts and qualified opinions based on a rational approach to the meaning of life.


Welcome to Agnostic Reader! This website is dedicated to those who are interested in the world's fastest growing alternative to organized religion. Learn more about agnosticism and its common sense perspectives on God, faith, and religion.

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The agnostic library lies at the heart of this website. It contains an extensive catalog of essays, articles, letters, books, and videos about agnosticism. They are authored by academics, journalists, and scholars whose views represent years of study and research.

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The definitions page offers a glossary of words and terms used throughout this website. Such listing includes items which pertain to agnosticism and other related disciplines. They are intended as a guide for readers to help clarify the meaning of certain articles.

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Agnostic Reader endeavors to present only publications which have been authored by professional writers. These academics, journalists, and scholars were chosen for their unbiased views of agnosticism. The biographies page offers a listing of most contributing authors.

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References on where to conduct further research on agnosticism can be found on the resources page. It offers links to blogs, hosting sites, and other locations that contain additional information which will help readers learn more about related topics.

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Agnostics do not gather in places of worship as do most religious organizations. Instead you will find regional groups and online forums that share similar values. The organizations page provides readers with information on how to locate such entities.

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